captainprimrose said: oh! so it’s not the regular labo they have back in japan then, i guess?

I’m pretty sure the whole Labo line is designed by Margaret Howell I meant to say the only place it is available in the UK is the Carnaby St. store, not any other MUJI stores in the UK. Labo back in Japan is the same thing.

posh-somme said: do u have any pieces from it? i think i have a labo long sleeve linen tee

Yes I have a waffle knit sweater from them:

captainprimrose said: muji x mh is a thing o_o

Yep, it’s called MUJI Labo only available in MUJI store at Carnaby St. in the UK.

Anonymous asked: where should i go if i want clothes like this in London?

EDIT: Most of these clothes are only available in Japan. The closest you can get to them is Dover Street Market and OTHER/Shop I guess, try MUJI at Carnaby St. too. I usually get mine on sale online from various sites or sample sales other than that it’s just Uniqlo, COS and Muji for me.


cdc coordinates

Anonymous asked: hey, i love what you do so much. sorry if this is a difficult question, but you now any decent clothing stores that ship to uk??

From the top of my head:

UK based:












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grov2 asked: <33333

Thanks :)

slashwithaknife said: very good

Thanks, this is what I do when I’m bored.


Anonymous asked: where is the sweater from in this ---- /post/95921193523 ---- post????

They’re two different tops:

Sunsea Waffle Thermal Layered Long T-shirt

Sunsea Anderson Layered Long T-shirt

Margaret Howell RTW Spring 2015 

Anonymous asked: i want the two trenchcoats (the color dam and black) thoes hang on the withe wall?

evam eva cotton silk jacket, here you go.